NANO آزمایشگاه کوچک

In ordered to coat and deposit polymer and metal layer in an inert atmosphere, spin coater or sputtering should be integrated in a Glovebox. Coated or deposited layer in an inert atmosphere is suitable for applications in which oxygen and/or moisture may cause defect. This is very important in the fabrication of Nano-materials, advanced solar cells, lithium batteries and etc.




Spin Coater system

Professional or Ordinary Satalab Spin coater

Sputtering/Evaporation Deposition System

1 or 3 Cathode Professional or Ordinary Satalab Vacuum Coating

Body Materials

Stainless Steel

304 or 316

No. of Glove Ports

2, 3, 4 in 1 or 2 side

Unit Drier

Atmosphere Circulation & Generation System

Mini Antechamber

For Small tools and Materials

Coating Control Panel

Outside or Inside of Chamber (Optional)

Elevator in Chamber

For Sputtering Chamber or Heavy Equipment


1 year

Training and technical support

In Training center and free remote support