MEMS آزمایشگاه کوچک

Construction of micro-electromechanical structures and micro channels requires a series of special equipment. Integration of required equipment in MEMS and Microfluidic station firstly developed by Satalab. The integrated equipment is now being used in several research centers. The stations include clean bench with HEPA filter and fume hood in an anti-acid rack. Excluding need for clean rooms, high performance and reasonable prices are the reasons to select this station instead of providing separate equipment.



Lithography System

SaTaLab Mask Aligner or Contact Lithography,

Laboratory or Industrial

Spin Coater

SaTaLab Professional or Ordinary

Etching System

SaTaLab Wet etching system

Solvent heating

By water circulating and heating


Magnetic 1 or 2 Controllable

Clean bench

lithography Rack with blower and HEPA filter

Fume Hood

Suction Fan Box


1 year

Training and technical support

In Training center and free remote support


With Spin coater and/or Lithography